•  Dance 2015
  Jin Xing Dance Theatre Shanghai
Artistic director: Jin Xing
Music director: NaRiSu
Musicians: Anda Union (Inner Mongolia)
Dancers: Jin Xing Dance Theatre (China)
„Different Loneliness” is the latest of around 20 choreographies Jin Xing created for her company since its establishment in 1999. This creation presents 9 musicians from Inner Mongolia and 15 company dancers simultaneously on stage. Dancers enter into a dialogue with the musicians and the musicians perform a substantial part of the choreographic movements. The narrative arch of „Different Loneliness” is that of an ongoing stage rehearsal. The voice of the artistic director can be heard from the off scene while dancers and musicians do repetitions and try-outs or enter discussions with the rehearsal director. From this working environment, solo performances, duets between singer and dancer or iconic group scenes spin off. Thanks to the soulful Mongolian music the performers recall and the audience is drawn into the scenery of the vast Mongolian grasslands. It’s here where one experiences the connection with the natural surrounding despite a solitude much different from the loneliness one may endure in the modern „civilized” world.
Producer: Purple Star Culture & Communication Co., Ltd. Shanghai; Commissioned by The Joyce Theatre, New York

      © Courtesy of Jin Xing Dance Theatre