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Delia Matache is one of Romania’s best voices and currently one of the most loved artists in the country. Since she was little she proved she had musical skills, graduating Dinu Lipatti Highschool of Music and taking courses at the Conservatory in Bucharest. She made her debut with the band N&D and so she gained national success. For years, hits like „Nu e vina mea”, „Nu vreau să te pierd” and „Vino la mine” were heard on the radio and gathered tens of thousands of people at the band’s concerts. In 2003 Delia chooses to perform solo, her career having an extraordinary evolution after the hit „Parfum de fericire”. Her success began to grow since the summer of 2011, when Delia gained new audience with „Dale” – the single reached the tops of the most important radios in Romania and was licensed in several other countries. In 2012, the artist participated at the first edition of the TV show „Te cunosc de undeva” and won 3rd place. In 2013 she released the first interactive video in Romania for the single „Doi în unu” featuring Mihai Bendeac. The release of the song „Doar pentru tine” followed – a love pop-rock ballad, this style being a first for the talented artist. At the same time with „Pe aripi de vânt”, Delia released the single „Inima nu vrea” with Horia Brenciu, her fellow juror. Recently, the artist released part II of the hit „Pe aripi de vânt”, „Inimi desenate” - a powerful song, but at the same time a sensible one. Currently, Delia is in the jury of X Factor for the 3rd consecutive season.

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