•  Circus 2015
  Les 7 doigts de la main
Concept and direction: Shana Carroll, Sébastien Soldevila
Inspired from the book „Young & Hungry” by Suzanne Taylor
Assistant director: Sabrina Gilbert
Musical director: Sébastien Soldevila
Sound: Colin Gagné
Light: Éric Champoux
Set Design: Ana Cappelluto
Accessories: Cloé Alain-Gendreau
Costumes: Anne Séguin-Poirier
Design of acrobatic equipment: Yannick Labonté
Acrobatic creator: Jérôme LeBaut
Acrobatic instructor: Francisco Cruz
Set design assistant: Clara Maria Gonzales
Cooking tips: Mat & Alex Winnicki - Satay Brothers
Production director: Luc Paradis
Technical director: Yves Touchette
Original Music: Nans Bortuzzo, Colin Gagné, Raphaël Cruz, DJ Pocket
Original arrangements: Cyrille Aimée, Assaf Gleizner, Annabelle Marie, Nans Bortuzzo
With the support of improvisations by: Spike Wilner, Luzio AltoBelli, Guillaume Bourque
Performers: Cyrille Aimée, Luzio AltoBelli, Nans Bortuzzo, Guillaume Bourque, Raphaël Cruz, Alexandre Désilets, Colin Gagné, Assaf Gleizner, Benoit Landry, Serge Nakauchi-Pelletier, Spike Wilner, Voena Children’s Choir, Joshua Zubot
Actors: Sidney Iking Bateman, Héloise Bourgeois, Melvin Diggs, Mishannock Ferrero, Anna Kichtchenko, Gabriela Parigi, Emile Pineault, Matias Plaul, Pablo Pramparo
The Kitchen. Blood memories. A recipe passed through generations. A memory so deeply embedded in our conscious, it takes carefully concocted smells and tastes to bring it to the surface. Storytelling through food... this is the sweet taste of my childhood, of a summer breeze through a screen door. Or the hot-chocolate-dampened lips of a first kiss. Life happens in the kitchen. Late night confessionals over tisane and a pot of Nutella. Elaborately choreographed family meals. Lessons learned, secrets exchanged, bonds forged, reinforced by our most visceral of senses. Accompanying the usual eye-popping flight of acrobatic choreography and pulsating music are the other three senses – the touch of hands in batter, the smell of cookies baking, the taste of roasted oregano – leading us through a span of times and countries, all the while the iconic kitchen - our common meeting point. As individuals, we are ourselves composed of ingredients, a unique recipe of blood memories.
Translated into Romanian and English
Co-producers: Tom Lightburn (Vancouver, Canada); TOHU (Montréal, Canada); CNCDC Châteauvallon – Centre National de Création et de Diffusion Culturelles (Ollioules, France); Espace Jean Legendre, Théâtre de Compiègne – Scène nationale de l’Oise en préfiguration (Compiègne, France); Grand Théâtre de Provence (Aix-en-Provence, France)

      © Alexandre Galliez / Les 7 doigts de la main