•  Theatre 2015
   Teatr Polski Wroclaw
Lighting designer and directed by: Monika Strzepka
Dramaturgy: Pawel Demirski
Set designer and costumes: Michal Korchowiec
Music: Jan Suswillo
Choreography: Rafal Urbacki
Vocal training: Magdalena Sniadecka-Skrzypek
Instrumental training: Rafal Matuszak
Cast: Katarzyna Straczek, Adam Cywka, Mariusz Kiljan, Andrzej Klak, Igor Kujawski, Agnieszka Wietniewska/ Dagmara Mrowiec, Michal Majnicz/ Rafal Kronenberger, Michal Mrozek, Michal Opalinski, Marcin Pempus
The show combines a spectacular career of Nirvana with the reality of Polish show business in nineties, when a success – understood as the only option in life – was imprinted in a social mentality. It’s a musical story on schemes, limitations and trivialized ways of possible career. Courtney Love – who faithfully accompanied the great success of Nirvana and in the same time she was accused for leading to the collapse of this group – becomes a figure who very easily catalyses all negative effects of a capitalistic reality. A worker is treated either as a commodity or as a client. Monika Strzepka’s daring directing, Pawel Demirski’s uncompromising play, and many evergreens of Nirvana and Hole performed life by actresses and actors of Polski Theatre made this show unforgettable.
Translated into Romanian and English
The production was prepared in cooperation with the City of Cracow and Cracow Festival Office as a result of the Grand Prix award of the fourth International Theatre Festival Divine Comedy.

      © Natalia Kabanow