•  Theatre 2015
  The Academy of Arts Osijek
Directed by: Hatházi András
Cast: Sara Moser, Marijana Matoković, Vanja Jovanović, Ivan Pokupić, Siniša Novković, Goran Vučko, Catalin Bocirnea, Katica Šubarić
Life - for me - is rhythm and energy. Comedy seems to be the same. (But I don’t know if comedy is part of life.) Anyway: where comedy is, there has to be tragedy too. (For this reason I doubt that tragedy is also part of life.) (Life is not what we think about it.) Clownery seems to be a joyful way of living. But clownery is very strong related to failure too. Clowns make us laugh. But also most of people are afraid of clowns. So for this obvious ambiguity let’s see how do manage a pure Greek tragedy a few clowns? Is it possible? It is. Everything is possible. We just have to be a clown who’ll help us skip out from our daily routine. If we want. Otherwise we can sit in secure and see separately the tragedy, the comedy, the life and ourselves.