•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Arno Huibers Theaterproductions
Performed by: Arno Huibers (clown), Paul van der Heijden (musician-clown)
On stage there is a big box, it looks like a gift. A partly bald gentleman with a red tuft of hair plays music. Another clown is on stage, not just one, but a funny one! Before the gift is unwrapped we are a lot further with clown jokes around a musical garbage can, a living broom, the biggest baby and much more… And the clown-gift? We’d like to unpack it for you with a big smile. A performance in which Arno Huibers lets his audience enjoy clownish gems from a part of his rich 35-year-old clown oeuvre. The phenomenal musician Paul van der Heijden acts and plays here in the best tradition of the white clown. We’d like to give you this Clown Gift... Mimicry, subtle humour and music distinguish Arno Huibers as the gentle, poetic clown. This sets him apart from the traditional rumbustious image of a clown. Since 1985, Arno Huibers has refined his clowning in the course of a series of theatre productions.
Smoking is not allowed during this performance.

      © Vincent van den Hoogen