•  Theatre 2015
 Written and directed by: Joël Pommerat
  Théâtre National de la communauté française de Belgique
Written and directed by: Joël Pommerat
Stage design and lights: Eric Soyer
Lighting assistant: Gwendal Malard
Costumes: Isabelle Deffin
Sound: François Leymarie
Video: Renaud Rubiano
Original music: Antonin Leymarie
Cast: Alfredo Cañavate, Noémie Carcaud, Caroline Donnelly, Catherine Mestoussis, Deborah Rouach, Marcella Carrara, Nicolas Nore, Julien Desmet (extra)
Assistant director: Pierre-Yves Le Borgne
Assistant tour director: Philippe Carbonneaux
Tour general director: Emmanuel Abate
Lighting controller: Guillaume Rizzo
Sound controller: Antoine Bourgain
Video controller: Grégoire Chomel
Stage controller: Julien Desmet, Nicolas Nore
Dresser: Nathalie Willems
Stage set and costume making: Ateliers du Théâtre National de Bruxelles
Barely more than a child, a very young girl is tied to the bedside of her seriously ill mother. A few words – uttered in a low voice by the dying woman, exhaled with a breath, and perhaps „misunderstood” by the girl – and she is bound, charged with her mission, held to her role... Joël Pommerat is a sorcerer; full of tenderness for humans and their torments, but a sorcerer nonetheless. He would have to be to transform this fairy tale, „Cinderella”, a touch vapid as it is, into Cendrillon, a show of such rare intelligence, such dazzling poetry. Pommerat’s Cinderella is Sandra, who believes the last words of her dying mother are that she has to think of her every five minutes or she really will die. A booming watch, singing an exasperating refrain, reminds her of this oath, an acid gag provoking a laugh that soon becomes disturbing. The death of this mother, quickly disposed of by the Brothers Grimm, is the beating heart of this story, a stimulating contemplation of the links between sorrow and guilt. Thanks to a formidable troupe of Belgian actors, highly lucid writing and a cinematographic stage design with dark aesthetic qualities – something of a trademark after his previous plays Le Petit Chaperon Rouge and Pinocchio – Joël Pommerat tactfully endows the fairy tale with a real sense without losing its enchantment. A huge success in recent seasons, Cendrillon will captivate everyone aged twelve and upwards who refuses to choose between their childish spirit and their adult reality.
Translated into Romanian
Performance not recommended under 12 years old
A performance produced by Théâtre National/Bruxelles. In coproduction with La Monnaie/De Munt. In association with Compagnie Louis Brouillard. With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International.
„Cinderella” is published by Éditions Actes Sud-Babel and Actes Sud-Heyoka Jeunesse, illustrations by Roxane Lumeret.

      © Cici Olsson