•  Theatre 2015
 People’s Republic of China
  Shanghai Theatre Academy
Written and directed by: William Huizhu Sun
Cast: Wu Yang, Li Qianqian, Ding Hui, Luo Ding
This play-within-a-play is supposed to take place in a small American theatre in the 1980’s. Attorney John Hodges sets up a performance party to help convince his Chinese girlfriend, Mingming, to continue her dream of making Chinese art. Mingming had just become a star in China after the Cultural Revolution when she was called to the US by her grandfather whom she had never met. She came with a grand American dream, only to give up her artistic dream and run a small restaurant. When she meets John, a business lawyer with a PhD in Chinese philosophy and a hidden dream about China, she presents herself as a completely Americanized businesswoman. Hodges discovers the China dream hidden in her heart and tries to convince her to give up her business with this performance, a collage of episodes and dreams from her life. Mingming, ashamed of her ignorance of Taoism and impressed by John’s erudition, turns the table around by asking John to quit his job and focus on promoting Chinese culture. Who will convince whom in the end when John realizes they’ve in fact time traveled to Shanghai in 2015?
Performance presented in Chinese, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16.

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