•  Dance 2015
  Kolben Dance Company
Choreography, set design and music design: Amir Kolben
Costumes Design: Hagit Abir
Lighting Design: Shay Yehudai
Cast: Irit Amichai, Erin Shand, Nitzan Bardichev, Tali Dunin, Julie Zaoui, Daniel Maser, Harel Grajutis, Or Elgarisi
Charlie is Charlie Chaplin, the loser-winner who can exist only in a world where people are classified this way. Charlie is Charles Lindberg who crossed the sky and the human imagination with a primitive airplane and proved that there is no limit to the human chutzpah. Charlie is all the soldiers after whom Check point Charlie in Berlin could have been called, the passage between two hostile sections of one divided city. And Mandelbaum? Mandelbaum is us. It is everything Charlie can be. Mandelbaum dreams that one day he will become Charlie. Mandelbaum is the gate in the wall between the two parts of Jerusalem when it was not yet made of gold. And now, when the wall has become invisible but painfully present, maybe Mandelbaum can get back to being just another man that lives in just another street in just another country that happens to be ours.
Performance not recommended under 16 years old
The Performance starts outside the performance hall and leads the audience to the hall. It means that doors will open only 5 minutes before the designated performance time.

      © Tami Weiss