•  Theatre 2015
  Teatrul Naţional „Radu Stanca” Sibiu
BUFFALOS - Urban fable #2
After: Pau Miró
Directed by: Radu Afrim
Translated by: Luminița Voina-Răuț
Stage design: Dragoş Buhagiar
Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu
Sound universe: Radu Afrim
Filming and video concept: Radu Afrim
Video editing: Costin Chesnoiu
Assistant director: Sanda Anastasof
Stage design assistant: Irina Chirilă
Cast: Vlad Bîrzanu / Cristian Timbuș, Iustinian Turcu, Ali Deac, Cendana Trifan / Maria Soilică, Ioan Paraschiv, Raluca Iani, Dana Maria Lăzărescu and the actors of „Giraffes”
With a cast of young actors, Radu Afrim creates an explosive and emotional performance about death and survival through violence. „Buffalos” is the story of a family that slowly disappears. The play is set in a present time laundromat, a family business, where sins and secrets are washed away through violence and seclusion. A child dies, a mother disappears, a father loses his mind and four buffalo-children are left to survive their family legacy. The aesthetics of pain and children’s imagination are reflected in a modern visual and sound artistic staging. Radu Afrim brings out on stage the poetic and violent imagination of the enfant terrible in every human.
Translated into English

      © Adrian Bulboacă