•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Juryi Longhi
Interpretat şi conceput de: Juryi Longhi
Grown out of strong passion and constant experimentation on the street, the „Bubble Circus” is the result of a never ending quest that makes it become a „work in progress”, always changing and evolving. The game of complicity with the audience and the search for virtuosity in the juggling and equilibrium techniques are the main ingredients of a sparkling and dynamic show, able to involve, amaze and amuse any kind of public. The artist, Juryi Longhi, started to train himself, practicing constantly on the courses, stages and workshops he attended all around Europe, in important circus schools or during juggling conventions and meetings. He graduated the „Atelier Teatro Fisico” in Turin, in 2011, and now he is still teaching juggling and equilibrium, and performing constantly in Italy and abroad, taking part in street festivals, events, theatrical seasons and TV programs.

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