•  Theatre 2015
  Compania Teatrală BIS
Directed by: Bogdan Sărătean
Script by: Flaviu Suhastru
Cast: Andrada Grosu, Aneea Opriş, Claudiu Fălăma
„Born in the ‘90s” – a puzzle of the contemporary youth. An original script inspired by thoughts, reflections, and life stories. Our characters go through the ‘90s, a troubled and dark decade of Romania’s modern history. They offer us bits of life overspread with nostalgia, sprinkled with funny but also dark memories. The performance works as a space of shared recollections, of the bitter joy of having participated together in the recent and troubled 25 years of our past. The three actors are born in 1990 and the story of this performance came into existence similarly to a living organism in which they took part alongside the director and the playwright.
A BIS Theatre production
Tickets are found at Atrium Cafe

      © Iulia Șandor