•  Book 2015
  S.C. Exposib International Travel S.R.L.
FITS is preparing a treat for the book and lecture lovers In the first weekend of the festival, the Small Square becomes „the Book Street” Starting with Thursday, 11th of June, until Sunday, 14th of June, you are welcomed to enjoy the event of the year for book lovers: SibiuBookFest - the Book Street (a cultural project organized by Exposib and CCIA) – event associated with the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu. Those who love to read and also love printed books will find in the Small Square over 40 publishing houses from Romania. SibiuBookFest - the Book Street comes to suitably complete the over 380 cultural events of the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, bringing the magic of books in the most important cultural city in Romania. The event offers visitors 4 days spent in the company of books, lecture and the major publishing houses in Romania, which have prepared discounts of up to 50% for over 4.000 books that will be exposed in the pavilions located in the Small Square. Book lovers can choose from the latest editorial releases, but also from classic books in all fields, albums, collectible editions, dictionaries, fiction, education, personal development, spiritual, children’s books, etc. Therefore, the spectator who enjoys theatre, dance, music, culture and seeks emotion, meets at SITF the BOOK, the place where feelings and emotions are stored, in an exceptional location, one of the most important public and cultural spaces in Sibiu.

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