•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Plasticiens Volants
Author: Marc Bureau
Performed and conceived by: Plasticiens Volants
Tell the evolution of the universe, from the man up to the Big Bang without didacticism, poetically. This is not about reproducing, and even less about explaining. Writing: visual and sound. Why? Man asks himself, he needs to know the world to understand himself. Understanding the world, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, in the passage of time... A challenge that is as philosophical as it is scientific: a folly to the image of the current questionings and crazy answers considered. The assertion of Zymint Bauman (sociologist and philosopher, interview in Courrier International no. 1056. 27-1-2011) corresponds to the spirit in which Big Bang is written: „Hope is the only immortal element in man. Neither statistical table, nor proof can kill hope, because hope does not live in the world of evidence but in the world to come...”. Time as the theme of the show materialized by the minute hand of a clock, accelerating or slowing down during the scenes, 14 billion years... An omnipresent character: an eye? Eyes? Flying and mobile. It evokes neither God nor any divinity; it represents the look that man brought back so far. Witness, it marks interest, the pupil dilates, it blinks, it comes close to epilepsy.

      © Guillaume Ramon