•  Theatre 2015
  Universitatea ”Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu
by John Cariani
Directed by: Veronica and Cătălin Pătru, Ana Mujat
Translated by: Cristian Juncu
Stage design: Alin Gavrilă, Alexandru Mocanu
Choreography: Adriana Bârză
Lights: Dorin Părău
Sound: Maria Popovici
Cast: Ioana Cosma, Sebastian Dobrescu, Florentina Dumitru, Valeriu Stelian Iarca, Raluca Ivan, Oana Marin, Alexandra Mihalache, Robert Mihart, Andreea Moșoiu, Fabiola Petri, Claudiu Urse
Project Manager: Lavinia Alexe
Management assistants: Maria Popovici, Theodor Lazar, Raluca Mitea
„Almost Maine”, a play in ten scenes, is a combination of love, humor, fantasy, suffering and honesty. Each scene presents a mystical story that doesn't need special effects to prove its beauty. „Almost Maine” is a life lesson leading the spectator towards meditation and also encouraging him/her to make a change. Honest people speaking from the heart, sadness framed in funny phrases, the return to love and finding the right way - all these are revealed starting from a mixture of feelings that profoundly oppose one another, followed by the renaissance of the spectator, as well as that of the actor. The characters portrayed by the students of the Theater Department in Sibiu will guide us through a journey in a world in which people bear pure souls, in which the value of words is real and the little pleasures in life are indeed a reason to smile, so that all of us will succeed in becoming more honest with ourselves and those around us. (Maria Popovici)
Translated into English