•  Music 2015
  Maria Berasarte
Performed by: Maria Berasarte (singer), José Luis Monton (flamenco guitar), José Peixoto (classical guitar), Fernando Judice (acoustic bass)
Maria Berasarte reminds us that singing is, first and foremost, a desire, and that no identity is closed to other influences. As a Spanish, she made a breakthrough by choosing to sing fado in her mother tongue. Along with guitarist José Peixoto (former member of Madredeus), she re-arranged fados based on poems translated into Spanish by Tiago Torres da Silva, great Portuguese poet and fiend of Amalia Rodrigues. The result of this collaboration was a first disc, „Todas las horas son viejas”, released in Spain. Six years after, Maria Berasarte welcomes acclaimed flamenco player José Luis Monton, and adds all the folklores of the Iberian peninsula into her repertoire, from Spanish popular songs, basque to flamenco tunes. The outcome is „Aguaenlaboca”, recorded between San Sebastian, Lisbon and Paris, released in France in February 2014 on Accords Croisés Label. „Aguaenlaboca” is a both simple and very daring, cutting-edge piece, challenging the traditional conceptions of fado and flamenco, and the usual moods associated to Portuguese and Spanish languages. Her work shows us that Spanish language does convey saudade too, and that not all fado themes are melancholic. The drama, passion and poetry of fado and flamenco divas, as well as the precision of a lyrical singer, are supported by the subtle chords of the duet Monton/Peixoto, and the delicate rhythmic section of Judice/Tejerina (acoustic bass/ percussions). Maria Berasarte presents a journey beyond fado, through a truly Iberian music.

      © Akim Nonvidé