•  Dance 2015
  Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company
Artistic director and choreographer: Brenda Angiel
Orchestra directors: Juan Pablo Arcangeli, Martín Ghersa
Original score and arrangements: Juan Pablo Arcangeli, Martín Ghersa
Orchestra / Orchestra: Juan Pablo Arcangeli, Martín Ghersa, Joaquin Apesteguía, Pedro Kiszkurno, Pablo Borghi, Ulises Avendaño, Alejandro Guyot
Lighting design: Anibal Corrado
Costumes design: Pilar Belmonte, Carolina Ferraiuolo, Federico Salinas
Tango counsellors: Valencia Batiuk, Martín Ojeda, Juan Malizia, Damian Esell, Cesar Peral, Marcos Ayala
Main rigger (technician): Rodolfo Aguirre
Riggers: Rodolfo Aguirre, Ariel Arredondo, Carlos Borda Cano
Cast: Lucas Coria, Mauro Dann, Viviana Finkelstein, Juan Iglesias, Silvana Rossi, Carolina Tironi and Cristina Tziouras
Imagine that you could hook your legs high in the air at lightning speed, that you continued to float after a leap, or that you could turn while you moved together through space horizontally. In 8cho, the new performance by the Argentinean choreographer Brenda Angiel, everything seems possible. Incorporating the various rhythms of Argentina’s most beloved musical style and inspired by a famous tango step by the same name, 8cho was created by Argentina choreographer Brenda Angiel and is performed by the virtuosic Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company. Brenda Angiel combines the Argentine tango with her specialty, modern dance, performed in the air. By having her dancers move on ropes and elastic cords the Argentinean creates a new form of spatiality and a wealth of possibilities with which she can set the steps, nostalgia and sensuality of the tango in a new and surprising perspective. Brenda Angiel and her company have travelled the world, performing in the Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, China, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Boston, and New York City and at some of most prestigious festivals in the United States, including the Spoleto Festival, Kennedy Center’s American Festival, and the American Dance Festival, Brooklyn Academic of Music to name a few. Ocho is performed to live Music.
Translated into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended under 16 years old

      © Nicolas Foong, Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company