•  Outdoor Performances 2014
  Cie Cycloplume
Arrived from another world, four giant silk dresses appear on the street: wrapped by bewitching melodies, these enchanted ”priestesses” of colors after walking in search of a place , they begin their special and enigmatic ritual and then invite the audience on their high seat to join the Tribe. The rite is then established as a ballet of brushes: In a round hypnotic, each applied in turn, its pigmented button on the ”insider”, red for love, green for vitality, white for purity. Creating a common makeup, they thus become new member of their Tribe: the procession is then resumed its course, dotted with enchanting dances captivating passersby and other rituals. Unique interactive ambulatory show based on the subject of colors, mixing stilts and make up arts for both children and adults.
International Show Parade

      © Fulvio Trifelli