•  Music 2014
  Llarena "Michito"
Project director and first guitar - Antonio Hernández Llarena
Second guitar - Abelardo Leyva Rodriguez
After having concluded his university studies at the National Music School within the UNAM Faculty (The Autonomous National University in Mexico) where he specialized in Musical Composition, Antonio Llarena “Michito” bacame noted during the last 10 years in complex research activities and broadcasting and distributing flamenco music performances, having an active presence in various musical ensembles and participating in putting together a series of important choreographic projects all over Mexico. His inexhaustible curiosity in exploring and appreciating other musical styles such as classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, rock and flamenco music, makes all these influences reflect in his most recent show: “A new day….a new sun” („Un nuevo día….un nuevo sol”). This performance is a clear manifest of cultural eclecticism, a product of the globalization which is so characteristic for our time. The concert entitled “A new day…a new sun” represents the optimum artistic expression developed until the present by the initiators of this project during an evolution project which stretched over 10 years and which harmoniously combines composition aspects, the interpretation of various musical repertoires and instrumental exploration. The flamenco duet allows the creation of an intimate, but at the same time dynamic and modern atmosphere, in which guitars are the main instruments of musical expression and sound and instrumental “torment”. 

Music performance presented in Spanish

      © Juan Pablo Llarena