•  Theatre 2014
  Teatrul Național Târgu-Mureș, compania ”Liviu Rebreanu”
Director: Bogdan Georgescu
Script: Bogdan Georgescu
Set design and costumes: Irina Gâdiuță
Lights: Attila Kászoni
Music: Sever Bârzan, Levente Jancsó II
”TRIPLE POINT”– A father decides to put an end to his life, together with two of his children. ”TRIPLE POINT”fictionalizes the immediate reality, refused and quickly overlooked and analyzes, by speculation and documentation, the context in which an event such as the one presented could have taken place, the trigger factors and the immediate consequences. ”TRIPLE POINT”is a social observation and active art project which targets to explore contemporary social mutations, the man-woman relationship and the family concept in the social dynamics of the beginning of the 3rd millennium. ”TRIPLE POINT”is a co-production of the National Theatre in Târgu Mureş and Colectiv A. ”TRIPLE POINT”is a fiction based on real facts. Any resemblance to real persons and actions is purely accidental.
Performance not recommended to persons under 16.
Performance presented in Romanian with translation.

A Teatrul Național Târgu-Mureș and Colectiv A co-production.

      © Cristina Ganj