•  Theatre 2014
  Universitatea de Arte din Târgu-Mureș, Secţia română
Director: Theodor Cristian Popescu
Playwright: Marius von Mayenburg
Translation: Alexandra Pâzgu
Set design and costumes: Erdély Kinga
Light design: Lucian Moga
Dramatist: Daniel Oltean (student-theatre specialist)
Cast: Cheregi Ioana, Ghergu Georgiana, Holobuț Bianca, Ilie Adelin, Banciu Emilia, Toaxen Amelia
”A young couple wants a (certain) house. We are in the Germany of 1935 and history complicates things. Purchased from Jewish (friends) who are trying to leave the country, the house is located in Dresden. The city goes through the famous Anglo-American bombardment in 1945 (“Europe’s Hiroshima”) during the last days of Nazi Germany. Then it becomes part of the Democratic Republic of Germany. Subsequently, a part of the reunified Germany. The house remains standing. It is full of upset memories, inherited furniture and untrue legends. A grandmother, a mother and a daughter try to keep up the illusion of a family from which men are absent. The truth comes up like steam from the quietness of things untold. We assist at the creation of one family’s false historical background, passed from one generation to the other in half-truths and plain lies. Therefore it is important to get a close look as the characters will never display signs of tension when they lie, but their very small hesitations and pauses might help us to work our way through this haze of deceptions. The silence and the proximity are meant to enhance our perception. The tension is built layer after layer, as in a thriller, constructing, in a tightly compressed dramatic form, the story of this house in Dresden that goes through the Nazi, the war and the famous bombardment, the Communist and the reunification times. We progress slowly until we finally uncover the basic crime that lies at its foundation, a betrayal that has sent the original owners, a Jewish couple, to death.” Theodor Cristian Popescu
Performance presented in Romanian with translation in English.

      © Ana Maria Stroia