•  Dance 2014
  Kanazawa Butoh Kan
Direction & Choreography: Moe Yamamoto & Kei Shirasaka
Butoh Dance: Moe Yamamoto, Kei Shirasaka
Music: Hideaki Shimada
Lighting: Takashi Miyamukai
Sound: Rui Yamamoto
Stage manager: Takuya Matsumoto
Management: Teruko Suzuki
They say when you recall a certain memory, you always rewrite it. The memory of many years ago sometimes does not maintain its original form. They say the further away the memory, the clearer it gets as you age. On the other hand the image of the person you met yesterday becomes blurred. Something nice or something terrible, whatever it may be, you can embellish the memory as you like. The question here is those experiences floating at the bottom of the sea of memories which do not inspire you to dramatize. Self-portrait is a picture painted with the materials of the unsaved pieces of memories disappearing into the sea of memories everyday. You’ll meet yourself you haven’t met yet. This work concerns what happens if we create dance this way. At your death bed when you don’t need to rewrite your memories any more, is there any communication with people surrounding you? When death meets life, a picture of you watching it is there. 

We are Kanazawa Butoh Kan. A group of Japanese extending the frontiers of butoh, both artistically and geographically. Butoh has been around for over 50 years. It is known as the dance of darkness or as minimalist dance. We do not aim to create beautiful lines with our body movements, but instead, at bringing out our inner emotions with our movements. It is a strange form of dance for some people, but it is accessible to any audience member with an open heart. It is our aim that this performance will stimulate your imagination so that you can create your own story, dredged from hidden memories, by watching our dance.
This production was performed in Tokyo and Kanazawa in Japan, Graz in Austria, Leipzig, Dresden and Dessau in Germany and Krakow in Poland.

      © Makoto Onozuka