•  Theatre 2014
  Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb
Director: doc. art. Marija Škaričić, red. prof. art. Borna Baletić
Choreography: Pravdan Devlahović
Script and adaptation: Mirna Herman Baletić; Ivan Penović
Costumes: Dora Šintić, Tomislav Kliškinić
Lights: Elvis Butković, student
Cast: Martina Čvek, Luka Bulović, Nikola Baće, Dajana Čuljak
”The Play about the Baby” is a play by Edward Albee. It was first performed in 1998 by the Almeida Theatre Company in Malvern, Worcestershire, directed by Howard Davies. The play revolves around two young people who just got a baby. They are young and inexperienced as their relationship is, and that fact is a sign for elder couple to start doing their show. They come out of nowhere, amuse audience and confuse that boy and girl from the start of appearance. Until we realize their true intention.
Performance not recommended to persons under 15.
Performance presented in Croat, with translation into English.

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