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  Amaseno Armony Show Band
The Amaseno Harmony Show Band reflects the heritage of a musical career began in 1980 by the Director Natalino Como and a group of young people with music in their hearts . Since 2005 the band has actually wanted to give new impetus to the musicians, taking the first steps in the world of Marching Band. The musical repertoire of the Band has always differentiated from that of traditional bands and continue on a special way, adopting musical instruments and uniforms inspired by the American schools . They have a strong power in both Parades and Standing Concert, thanks to its special training which made them able to to perform songs from every musical genre with refined arrangements and impressive sound. This evolution is taking place thanks to the advice of experts that are part of the Marching Band professional Italian and overseas: thanks to its 23 Woods , 29, Brass, Percussion 20 , and 7 Color Guards the group seeks to achieve excellence in sound and movement thus expressing its energy and power. Since 1986 , the group was on tour abroad as many as 32 times and has participated in virtually all the most important events in Europe. In 2009 in Kerkrade in the Netherlands, the Amaseno Harmony Show Band has participated for the first time at the World Championship Marching Show Bands and on that occasion she passed the result he desired , qualifying in the final stage and establishing itself in 9th place overall in the WAMSB finals , entering so in the elite of Marching Show Band as an International MARCHING BAND in all respects, obtaining the Category of World Division Corps Style Class.
International Show Parade

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