•  Outdoor Performances 2014
A succession of machines in movement and the harmonic musical combination provoke an explosion of sensations that leads us to live intensely during an hour as if we were the most insignificant insects. Thus, the exchange of roles is more visible than the schemes of conduct of their world, also forming part of our own. Our idea of the world will turn upside-down, the reality being inverted to see how an insect is 10 times bigger than a human being. The show is a recreation of a gigantic documentary. It reflects the life of insects and the relationships established between them from building mechanical giants. It is a ”parade” of giant insects that invade urban space and transform it with the support of music and light. The show returns to the typical images of some B movies of the 50's. The public is situated amidst the scenic area, so you must move before the advance of the huge insects, thus becoming an active part of the show.