•  Outdoor Performances 2014
  Cia La Tal
Creation: Cia. La Tal
Direction: Cia. La Tal /Jaume Navarro
Actors: Jordi Magdaleno, Xavier Amatller "Notxa" and Julián Gonzalez
Music: Tales Music
Set design: Txema Rico
Costumes: Begoña Simón Blanco
This show is the result of the evolution of two strong lines of work, which have accompanied our progress over the years. First, our determined commitment to a scenic image with a certain personality, which has been a feature of our shows such as CARILLÓ or LES FOTOGRAFIERS. Also, our particular view of the world of the clown, which cuts across all our shows and began in the mid 80’s with the show A CONCRETAR and has its latest representation in our show DÉMODÉS. SYNOPSIS: More than 150 years after its première, THE INCREDIBLE BOX is still on stage. Back then, it was a success. Nowadays, the director (great-grandson of the founder) and two other eccentric assistants try to maintain the glory of the Show. They no longer shine as they used to, but they still have some costumes, the set and the best of their intentions. But time passes; singers lose their voice, magicians lose their reflections, the actors lose their memory and artistic talent is not inherited. Maybe after trying hard to be magnificent they will finally achieve it.

      © Cia La Tal