•  Theatre 2014
  Universitatea ”Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu – Departamentul de Artă Teatrală
By Bertolt Brecht
Directed by – Anca Bradu
Assistent director: Diana Fufezan and Adrian Neacşu
Translated by – Michaela Bogza and Nicoleta Ciupercescu
Scenography: Mihai Păcurar and Alin Gavrilă
Music: Claudiu Fălămaş
Cast: Maria Tomoiagă, Paul Bondane, Anton Balint, Ana-Maria Vereş, Maria Soilică, Angela Lisa, Călin-Mihail Roajdă, Alexandru Malaicu, Iulia Popa, Claudiu Fălămaş, Ioan-Alexandru Savu, Alexandra Şerban, Cristian Timbuş
Started as a student project coordinated by director Anca Bradu and actors Diana Fufezan and Adrian Neacşu, teachers at the Theatrical Art Department of Sibiu, the production ”The Good Man of Sâciuan” is a tender, yet penetrating chronicle of the human character. The show of the students started with a series of exercises, based on the Brechtian improvisation technique of approaching a character, specific to the epic theater. ”For me this type of interpretation marks the beginning of theatrical modernity” says Anca Bradu ”because this type of theater involves the actor’s capacity of manifestation in the fullness of its means of expression, of speech, of body plasticity and music. He/she must therefore behave like a ”complete actor”, trained to always make the transition from his inner emotional self to externalizing it through the technique assumed by "the Brechtian distancing effect”. By sequences of ”theater in theater” combined with choreographic moments and the traditional songs of the German author, the actors go through a genuine epic of sacrifice that this text contains. The performance of the students from the Department of Theatrical Arts follows the destiny of young Sen-in, a prostitute blessed by the gods for having generously hosted them one night, and states the theme of universal good in a parable about sacrifice and human solidarity. As a particularity, the music of this production was created by one of the graduate students, Claudiu Fălămaş who wanted the music to highlight the feeling of rebellion against specific crisis situations and also the solidarity with the benefactor characters of this parable. The actors who perform this music live must submit clearly and powerfully their opinion towards good and truth.
Performance presented in Romanian with English translation.

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