•  Theatre 2014
  Teatrul Naţional ”Lucian Blaga” din Cluj-Napoca
Author: Vasile Alecsandri
Director: Alexandru Dabija
Scenography: Cristian Rusu
Live music: Ada Milea și Anca Hanu
Stage movement: Florin Fieroiu
Costumes Assistant: Cătălina Chirilă
Assistant director: Leta Popescu
Cast: Anca Hanu, Miriam Cuibus, Angelica Nicoară, Irina Wintze, Romina Merei, Adriana Băilescu, Patricia Brad, Matei Rotaru, Ionuţ Caras, Radu Lărgeanu, Cristian Grosu, Adrian Cucu, Cătălin Herlo, Dragoş Pop, Cristian Rigman, Miron Maxim, Silvius Iorga, Mihnea Blidariu
With ”Sânziana and Pepelea” we rediscover the childhood of Romanian theatre, that playful, amusing naivete that speaks many thruths about the Romanian nature that are still valid; a very theatrical text with scenic potential... ”Yes, it’s playful” says the director, ”it was a time when we discovered scenic effects, sunroof, electric light, fast changing scenery, dropping from the ceiling…and indeed, what we can see in Alecsandri, in a more or less calculated way, is folklore knowledge. We exploited this folklore, not superficially, but in depth: we got to wicked fairies, witches, curses, and links with the Christian religion, with orthodoxy. However, the aim of the performance is to entertain”.
Not recommended for children under 12 years.
Performance presented in Romanian with translation.

      © Nicu Cherciu