•  Outdoor Performances 2014
  I Mattacchioni Volanti
At first glance you think about dreaming after having drunk a drop too much. It just so happens to everyone. Everybody passes and stops. And everyone wants to know. And they all think they have figured it out. And they all to explain what's the next trick! To transcribe all opinions would be fun. Amazing animation that fascinates and inspires anyone. Two different characters: ”The Oriental Levitation” and ”The genius of levitation”. In this show / animation nothing happens. The actor may or may not interact with the public according to the needs or his will. He just distributes cards with ”pearls of wisdom” that contain profound aphorisms on various issues. A few examples chosen from among the hundreds of beads: ”Happiness is not doing what you want but wanting everything you do”, ”Love does not make the world turn but it makes the rotation pleasant”. Keep smiling!
International Show Parade

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