•  Theatre 2014
  Universitatea ”Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu – Departamentul de Artă Teatrală
After „Abribus”, by Laurent van Wetter
Director – Veronica and Cătălin Pătru
Translated by – Diana Nechit
Sound design – Claudiu Urse
Light design – Dorin Părău
Cast: Claudiu Fălămaș, Paul Bondane, Ioan Savu, Alexandru Udrea, Fabiola Petri, Iulia Popa, Oana Marin, Vladimir Nechit
Project Manager– Luminița Puiuleț
Project Assistant– Teodora-Rebeca Ocneriu
We live in a world which is full of selfish people. We all swim in an ocean of indifference. Everyone is paranoid. This is the world we live in. But you have to remain levelheaded, otherwise you’ll get lost. Someone who gets lost nowadays is as good as gone. People can no longer see him. And they run, and run and he is there, amidst them. In this case, can we still claim to exist? Certainly not. We endure in the best case. ”The Colours of Music” is an energetic performance, made of a series of 12 short scenes which capture the destines of some young people, intertwined in a bus station. Designed as an urban poem about life’s small tragedies, about the dreams and evanescent victories happening in the search for love, the Sibiu production combines humor, passion, but also desolation in an original performance with live music insertions.
Performance presented in Romanian with translation.

      © Tiberiu Cioruga