•  Music 2014
  La Fanfare Saugrenue
Trombone - referent: Simon Dupire
Saxophone, sing: Alexandre Zelner
Trumpet: Clement Baldzuhn
Snare: Jean-François Caire
Bass drum: Mathieu Erard
Sousaphone: Aymeric Thuillier
Tuba: François Julien
Manager: Maxence Sergent
Training variable geometry both friendly, talented and festive, La Fanfare Saugrenue, composed of musicians from all of the collective's Saugrenue, invented a gleaming copper music, baroque happily and gently sophisticated.
On an original repertoire with integrating mind and know-how all the currents of contemporary music, the musicians of La Fanfare Saugrenue, dressed in their finest clothes should not be hard to make heads turn and release the body...
Founded in 2002, La Saugrenue is now an artistic collective of more than thirty members, consisting mainly of musicians and technicians show. The group is developing several musical projects around the ”diversion” of traditional orchestral forms (brass bands, prom, traditional music) and the opening up of styles (contemporary music, jazz, street art).
Listen us on www.lasaugrenue.fr
Musical performance presented in French and English.

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