•  Theatre 2014
  The KTO Theatre
Cast: Karolina Bondaronek, Barbara Dyduch, Anna Jaworska, Monika Kozłowska, Paulina Lasyk, Justyna Orzechowska, Grażyna Srebrny-Rosa, Urszula Swałtek, Barbara Wysoczańska, Marta Zoń, Sławek Bendykowski, Bartek Cieniawa, Aleksander Kopański, Paweł Monsiel, Michał Orzyłowski, Adam Plewiński
Script, direction and selection of music: Jerzy Zon
Stage set: Joanna Jasko-Sroka
Costumes: Zofia De Ines, Joanna Jasko-Sroka
Choreography: Eryk Makohon
The script of this outdoor performance is inspired by the best-selling novel ”Blindness” by the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago. What seems to be fiction today may became reality tomorrow. People lose their eye-sight in unexplained circumstances. The epidemic spreads around so fast that everyone becomes helpless. It leads to panic which turns the apparently orderly world into chaos. The authorities urgently seclude the first group of blind people in a closed mental asylum. The secluded community begins to set their own rules. Some people become oppressors and some their victims, superiors and subordinates. And only one person knows that not everyone is blind. The production ”The Blind” is a shocking study of human condition. The show has been presented in many cities in Poland as well as in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, South Korea and Ukraine. A PERFORMANCE WITHOUT WORDS ”If you like your theatre big, bold and beautiful, then this is the one for you” Emma-Jane Denly, Broadway Baby (Edinburgh) ”A powerful and beautifully acted visual drama about a society's instinctive response to a crisis that kills no-one, but changes everything, and reveals many disturbing truths” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman (Edinburgh) ”The final 25 minutes deliver an eye-watering experience which is as visually stunning as anything you'll ever see: the sky appears to blood red, glittering rain” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (Edinburgh) ”Powerful, brave and sumptuous to look at (…)This is undoubtedly bold stuff with a staging that contains many elements of great beauty and glorious creativity” Thom Dibdin, The Stage (Edinburgh)
Performance not recommended to persons under the age of 12.
Non-verbal performance.

The City of Krakow

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