•  Theatre 2014
  University of Novi Sad, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad
Director: professor Boris Isaković, assistant Miljan Vojnović
Lights: Darko Andjelković, Nemanja Palalić, Robert Majoroš, Mihajlo Kuveljić, Zoran Jandrić
Sound: Aleksandar Užarević, David Seleš
Cast: Miloš Lazić, Dušan Vukašinović, Nikola Živanović, Katarina Bradonjić, Pedja Marjanović, Dimitrije Arandjelović, Ema Stojanović, Mina Pavlica, Tatjana Jakić, Mia Simonović, Aleksandar Vrbić
Bure baruta is the exam performance of the second year of Acting, the class of Boris Isaković (Full Professor) and a senior expert Miljan Vojnović. The play is adapted from the eponymous piece by Dejan Dukovski. By using the pattern of fragmentary dramaturgical structure it deals with the anatomy of violence and the madness caused by the accumulated frustrations and different dislocations that are deeply interwoven in the society and marked by severe crisis periods. Considering their own attitudes and feelings and putting themselves “in the shoes” of the characters from the play, the students have explored the ways of creating the character and understanding the relationship of conflict, which was one of the basic tasks for the students of the second year of Acting. At the same time they are hoping that this performance could tackle the problem of ”young people who are leaving... forever...” in order to find the way out from the threatening ”Bure baruta” (the barrel of the gunpowder), filled with degraded moral values.
Performance presented in Serbian, with translation in English.

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