•  Dance 2014
  Nakamura Yo
Choreography & Dance: Nakamura Yo
Lighting design: Sakaki Mika
Sound design: Aikawa Takashi
Sonata, in music, is a musical form of instrumental. On the other hand, in Japan, pronounced as sonata means "you". This is a story of a women yearning for love. I won't be able to see you someday in the future, so I miss you, I adore you, I therefore dance with all my heart today. Sonata is my first feature-length dance production. I portray Woman's sweet-sorrow and charm as humorous. Yo Nakamura first entered into the world of contemporary dance while she was in college. In 2009, she started dancing in choreographies by Shuji Onodera and Ryohei Kondo, in addition to working as their assistant. Nakamura is also active in the media, having performed in TV commercials and Avril Lavigne’s music video “Hello Kitty.” Since 2010, Nakamura has been choreographing her own repertoire. With a dancing body as her medium, she mobilizes all the elements of a performance, including music, words, narratives, props, and relationships, in order to create pieces that are warm and sharp at the same time. Nakamura received the Jury Prize and the Sibiu International Theater Festival Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013.
This performance is presented in Japanese, with translation to English and Romanian.

      © Eno Koji