•  Theatre 2014
  A co-production Teatrul Naţional Radu Stanca Sibiu and Théâtre National de la Communauté Française de Belgique in collaboration with Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe and Le Festival d'Avignon 2014
a perfomance by Gianina Cărbunariu
Set design, video and light design: Andu Dumitrescu;
Costumes: Andrei Dinu;
Music: Bogdan Burlăcianu;
Choreography: Florin Fieroiu;
Cast: Marius Turdeanu, Ciprian Scurtea, Florin Coşuleţ, Diana Fufezan, Ofelia Popii, Mariana Mihu, Adrian Matioc, Cristina Ragos, Ali Deac
"Each of the five scenes of the show is a fiction inspired by a true or a certain kind of public discourse present in nowadays Romanian society: from Baia Mare wall built to separate the Roma community from the main road of the city and up marking of increasingly radical differences between social classes, ethnicities and generations. Under the pretext of respect for social conventions and citizens’ rescue, new rules are actually invented, designed to stigmatize difference and blur everything that would bring us together. More serious than the radicalization of political discourse on poverty - seen as the fault of the incapable to be effective - is that it has contaminated public space and could become a normal, fair perspective, perfectly justified." (Gianina Cărbunariu) Gianina Cărbunariu is considered l’enfant terrible of contemporary Romanian drama. She began studying drama in 1999, at the I.L. Caragiale National University of Theatre and Film Bucharest, where she continued a Masters in Dramatic Writing (2006). Gianina is a founding member of the group dramAcum, a platform for developing and promoting Romanian drama. Her plays "Stop the Tempo" (2003) and "mady-baby.edu/Kebab" (2004), which she staged at Teatrul LUNI de la Green Hours and at Teatrul Foarte Mic, are translated, published and staged in Germany, France, Ireland, Poland, Great Britain and Italy.
Presented in Romanian with translation into English and French.

An original production in the frame of CITIES ON STAGE – VILLES EN SCÈNE, a project financed with support from the European Commission.
/ A production financed with the support of The Ministry of Culture of Romania.
With the support from the Culture Programme of the European Union, in the framework of the Villes en scène / Cities on stage project. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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