•  Conferences and Seminars 2014
The seven stars to be awarded in the frame of the 21st edition of Sibiu International Theatre Festival are:
Peter Brook | director
Gigi Căciuleanu | choreographer
Lev Dodin | director
Martin Hochmeister | founder of the first theatre building on the present territory of Romania (Dicken Turm)
Krystian Lupa | director
Radu Stanca | poet, playwright and director
Peter Stein | director
This year's edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival will be marked by a gala ceremony to be held Saturday, June 14, 2014, at Thalia Hall. The event follows at the same time to significantly mark the entire course of the festival and is considered a public recognition of the merits of the most important figures who contributed to the development of this phenomenon in Sibiu. Over time, Sibiu witnessed and benefited from the tremendous contribution made by many cultural and artistic personalities who contributed to the development of the city as we know it today. Each of these personalities has a distinct and extraordinary story that connects to the fate of Sibiu and remains intimately woven into the fiber of the community. Sibiu was a medieval fortress that could not be conquered. Between the first and second wall of defense there is a pedestrian promenade that connects the first theater built in Romania in 1788 with "Barracks 90" where the future theater will be built. Between past and future, the Walk of Fame is born, where important names in the world of theater, dance, performing arts will be added each year. Sibiu Walk of Fame is conceived as a permanent place of celebration and recognition of these contributions, as well as a tribute to the cultural and artistic achievements of Sibiu or in connection with it. Although it is inspired by the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, Sibiu Walk of Fame is conceived as a cultural event, which gives it its own personality, as well as a tourist attraction conferring the place uniqueness.

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