•  Music 2014
  Cantabile – The London Quartet
Members: Michael Steffan, Steven Brooks, Richard Bryan, Mark Fleming
The London Quartet – still known to many as Cantabile – have long been recognised to be one of Britain’s great vocal groups. Founded in Cambridge as a purely a cappella student ensemble, they first came to prominence in the Tim Rice / Stephen Oliver musical Blondel in London’s West End. Since then, they have pursued a policy of constant and dynamic renewal, pushing back musical frontiers, exploring ever-new territories and attracting a substantial following right across the musical spectrum, both in Europe and further afield.
The London Quartet have appeared in a huge variety of venues, singing programmes encompassing early polyphony through to jazz and contemporary music. They have toured extensively worldwide, and have sung in the most prestigious venues for the most prestigious clientele, including Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty the Queen. Their itinerary has taken them to such distant places as Fiji, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Greece, Russia, Barbados, South Korea, Estonia, Turkey, Belarus, Hawaii and Tahiti, where they have presented their programme in a variety of languages. They are the first Artists in Residence at the Bridewell Theatre in London, where they have presented several shows. 
Cantabile – The London Quartet matches humour with harmony, presenting the world of film and musicals, as well as their favourite swinging songs by Ellington and classics from the Beatles, Randy Newman, Neil Young and Elvis.

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