•  Conferences and Seminars 2014
 United States of America/Romanian
(Writing/Performing the Immigrant Experience)
Autobiographical Performative Lecture
Award-winning playwright Saviana Stanescu, author of the acclaimed plays "Aliens With Extraordinary Skills" (produced off-Broadway at Women's Project, New York; in regional US theatres; in Mexico - in the Spanish version: “Inmigrantes con Habilidades Extraordinarias”, in Turkey, Romania, etc), "Lenin's Shoe", "Ants", "For a Barbarian Woman", "Waxing West" (winner of 2007 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Script), will talk about writing/performing her immigrant experience after 25 years since the Fall of the Iron Curtain. Saviana grew up during the totalitarian regime of Ceausescu and, as a college student, protested in the streets of Bucharest during the 1989 revolution. She worked as a journalist for the newly emerged free press and published books of poetry and drama in Romania, USA, Mexico, etc. Saviana arrived in New York City two weeks before 9/11 to study at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, as a Fulbright fellow in Performance Studies. Since then, her artistic work has been inspired and informed by the vibrant everyday life in the Big Apple's melting pot. She is committed to explore hyphenated identities and that alien in-between space where global foreigners and migrants dwell. The presentation will include monologues, production pictures and Saviana’s photos of the American Flag displayed in NYC in the aftermath of 9/11, investigating the power of symbols/objects to perform identity, patriotism, and post-traumatic community engagement. An imaginary dinner with Marx might conclude this political yet humorous autobiographical performative lecture.