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  The London School of Samba
London School of Samba is the UK’s original Samba School with a rich history dating back to 1984. The London School of Samba has a mission: to entertain, educate, and engage the public in traditional Brazilian carnival arts, for cultural, social and educational benefit. This group has gained a reputation as one of Europe's leading samba groups, performing samba at the highest standard while maintaining our philosophy of inclusion and education. The London School of Samba is committed to advancing education for public benefit through the promotion of the arts – with particular but not exclusive reference to Samba music, dance, costume making and the culture and tradition of Afro-Brazilian Carnival. For the last five years, the London School of Samba consistently been in the top ten of all the parading bands in the Notting Hill Carnival(UK). Over the last 30 years major performances include concerts throughout the UK and Europe.
International Show Parade

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