•  Workshops 2014
Victor Quezada
Victor Quezada and the Umbral Company are specialized in approaching classical theatre texts (such as ”The Ascension of Arturo Ui can be stopped”) in a clown’s language. One of the biggest successes of the company was the staging of Matei Visniec’s ”The History of Communism Narrated for the Mentally Ill” by means of clowns, being presented in two consecutive years in Avignon. Victor Quezada, of Chilean origins, born in France and nurtured from two cultures, defines himself as the ”maître clown”. The workshop he is proposing addresses both youth and adults, amateurs but also acting students. This workshop intends to be an introduction in the art of clowning, starting from a few key questions: Why does the clown move differently? Why does his voice sound differently? Is the clown thinking in a different manner than regular people? What is his relationship with the world? What is the origin of comic and tragic in the case of the clown and especially the alliance between tragic and comic? Why does the audience laugh at a sad clown? The improvisation exercises and sessions proposed by Victor Quezada and his company are part of a clown theatre tradition.