•  Conferences and Seminars 2014
 Italy/ France
Theatre Is a Meeting Among Human Beings. Nothing Else Matters / Il Teatro E’ Un Incontro Tra Essere Umani. Tutto Il Resto Non Conta
This sentence by Ingmar Bergman marks Pippo Delbono's theatre. For Pippo Delbono theatre is not a portrayal, it not a way to represent (stage) a text. It is a meeting between two people (gathering of human beings): the actors and the spectators. Delbono has been trying more and more in his last works to tear down the differences which divide these two people (gathering of human beings). To create a meeting as equals, where the people of spectators lose their passive role and become part of the action, they take part in the development of the event. It becomes less and less a portrayal and more and more the ritual of communication itself. In this sense, it is getting closer and closer to the ancient, to the sacred ceremony which was our theatre a long time ago and that you still can find in some cultures, where the community used to gather to exorcise and melt together in one, to face existential questions about life and death. Pippo Delbono's company is a community that moves around, actors whose roots are not originally in theatre, in theatre academies, but in life itself. These are human beings who have lived extreme experiences of exclusion and who have developed an extraordinary artistic presence. Spectators are not looking at these persons as they normally look at actors, but as human beings: very special but very human ones. They are not actors "able to do something that I can not do and for this reason, I admire them" in a passive way, but they are persons marked by a deep wound, who are able to spread such a strong life force that they can achieve an empty space in my everyday thinking processes, in my habits, in my preconceptions. At this point theatre becomes an experience in which our thought stops. In a reverse way as it happens in normal theatre, in narration theatre, where the spectator's thoughts is active in order to understand the plot, which is being told. In this theatre, whereas the thought stops, the breath is hold and the whole spectator's body is tense, present (alert? is there?) and lively. The rite cancels and resets the normal mental process and everything happens in another dimension: deeper, more secret, hard to be categorized either through rationality or words.

      © Lorenzo Porrazzini