•  Theatre 2014
  Angélica Liddell / Atra Bilis Teatro
Text, Direction, Scenography and Costumes: Angélica Liddell
Cast: Lola Jiménez, Fabián Augusto Gómez Bohórquez, Sindo Puche and Angélica Liddell
Lighting Design: Carlos Marquerie
Sound: Antonio Navarro
Production of uniforms: Lana Svetlana
Assistant Props Production: Transcoliseum
Lighting Technician: Octavio Gómez
Stage Manager: África Rodríguez
Technical Direction: Marc Bartoló
Production assistant: Mamen Adeva
Executive Production: Gumersindo Puche
Production: Iaquinandi, S.L.
Coproduction: Comédie de Valence, Centre dramatique national Drôme-Ardèche and Festival Temporada Alta 2012
Ping Pang Qiu represents my relationship to the Chinese script, a bonding of discipline, passion and excess. Imposing on myself the task of memorising the 4,000 characters needed to read meant implicating half of my life. I give myself colossal tasks which help me to endure despair. It is like saying, ”when you learn the 4,000 characters you will be free”. Ping pong, the national sport in China, fleshes out this relationship. Departing from the ”PING PONG DIPLOMACY” between China and the US in the 1970s, an example of political hypocrisy and of how diplomacy coexists with the barbarity of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, we come to totalitarianism in sport. In China, the Sports authorities take the performance of their squads so seriously that they have imposed harsh codes of conduct among their male and female players, which also affect their private relationships. In short, this work looks at the extermination of expression and its consequences, for example, on love, or on the person who attempts to fight against repression through an instance of beauty.
Performance not recommended to persons under 18.
Performance presented in Spanish with translation into Romanian and English.

With the Support of: Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture – INAEM and Comunidad de Madrid
Acknowledgements: Stefan Kutzenberger, Gao Wenjun, María José F. Aliste, Mónica Valenciano and her dog Julio as well as the dog Copla Winogradow.
The abstracts that are read are taken from ”One man's Bible” by Gao Xingjian. The Spanish version was translated by Xin Fei and José Luis Sánchez. Sincere thanks to the publishing house Editorial Planeta for the permission to use these abstracts.

      © Gerardo Sanz