•  Music 2014
Pasărea Rock
Mircea Baniciu, Josef Kappl and Ovidiu Lipan Ţăndărică are prodigious musicians, who reached the age of artistic maturity and who wisely chose not to break with the past but to look into the common experience of youth in order to find the power and strength to bring forward the story which made a legend. This year, Baniciu, Kappl and Lipan present “Pasărea Rock” (“The Rock Bird”), the latest musical project of the three artists, although they have met on the same stage before, in 2013, in various festivals and musical event. The repertoire of Pasărea Rock includes compositions from the album entitled “Phoenix Cantafabule”, hits from the repertoire of Mircea Baniciu, re-orchestrated songs, which are part of the first Romanian symphonic rock opera, Meșterul Manole, which had its world premiere at the end of November 2013, in Timișoara. New rock songs added to these –Legenda, Praznic Năprasnic – displaying influences from the universal folklore, especially composed for this project and which combine the sound of the ‘70s with that of the 21st century, passing through the personal filter of each of the three musicians.

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