•  Dance 2014
  Maria Kong Dancers Company
Choreography: Talia Landa and the Maria Kong team
Dancers: Anderson Braz, Artour Astman, Caroline Boussard, Lucianne Castro Fontanella, Ori Ben Shabat
Original music, Musical arrangement and Editing: Tal Ben-Ari
Technology: Ori Ben-Shabat & Tal Ben-Ari
Light Design: Shachar Werechson
Sound Design: Tal Ben-Ari
Stage Design: Yossi Tal Taieb
CEO: Zohar Eshel-Acco
Marketing & Production: Michal Dror
”Open source” is the story a woman's wedding night. It is about the split second when, moments before giving her self, she looks into the mirror and all of her deepest fears, fantasies and most hidden desires reveal themselves. She reflects on her controlling-self, her obsessions and the fine line between virginal naivety and carnal hunger. The plot is altered by the ”Wish Maker”, for whom life is a mere game. The term ”open source” describes a concept of sharing. It is used in the computer programming world for source code that are open and accessible to all. This not only enables joint development of new creations, but also enhances the software itself. Maria Kong operates with a similar concept enabling its team members to experience a deeper joint discovery and creative process. In this way the company developed wireless gloves that enable the ”Wish Maker” to control effects of sound and light, live on stage and in real time.

      © Alexander Sherbekov