•  Conferences and Seminars 2014
 United States of America
”Theatre Trash Talk: Questions and Answers with Neil LaBute“
Neil LaBute has written and directed for numerous theaters around the world. In this intensive question & answer session, he'll discuss what he loves about theater along with what he dislikes, why he writes what he does and where he sees theater heading in the future. He'll talk trash, he'll tell the truth and he may even lie once or twice. "Theatre Trash Talk" will be a refreshing and mostly honest look at the work and philosophy of a hard-working theater professional. Neil LaBute is one of the most controversial and innovative American playwright. Critics have responded to his plays as having a misanthropic tone, Rob Weinert-Kendt in 'The Village Voice' referred to LaBute as ”American theatre’s reigning misanthrope.“ His ample production for the theatre, often performed off-Broadway, included ”Bash: Latter-Day Plays“ (1999), ”The Mercy Seat“ (2002), ”Autobahn“ (2003), “Fat Pig“ (2004), “Some Girl(s)“ (2005), “In A Dark Dark House“ (2007), ”Reasons To Be Pretty“ (2008), ”Helter Skelter“ (2008), ”Land of the Dead“ (2008), ”The Break of Noon“ (2010), “The Furies“ (2009), and “In a Forest, Dark and Deep“ (2011).

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