•  Dance 2014
  Cisne Negro Dance Company
Choreography: Patrick Delcroix

Choreography: Barak Marshall
Music: several authors
Choreography Assistant and remounting: Osnat Kelner
Lighting: Cristiano Donizete Paes & Dany Bittencourt
”Beyond Skin” by French choreographer Patrick Delcroix, was created especially for the Cisne Negro Dance Company. According to Patrick himself the essence of the choreography can be translated through the following words ”Besides the appearance, we can be anything, having another personality, other wishes or be ourselves”. In other reports the coreographer also said that ”Each one is their own imagination”. Patrick Delcroix, choreographer: contributed for 15 years within the Netherlands Dance Theater led by Jiri Kylian, one of the most important companies in the world, first as a dancer and subsequently as a resident choreographer. Delcroix contributed to the works of great choreographers: Billy Forsythe, Mats Ek, Edouard Lock, Ohad Naharin, Nacho Duato, Hans van Manen and Kylian. From 1990, he developed a series of choreographies for several European groups and starting in 1992 he teaches the repertoire of NDT at the Royal Conservatory in Hague. In 2001, Patrick Delcroix was appointed by the French government as ”Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters” for his work in the dance world. Besides ”Reflection in the Mirror”, Delcroix was a choreographer for the Black Swan Dance Company, for the ballet entitled ”Beyond Skin” (1998) and ”Cherche, Trouvé, Perdu” (2002).

Mrs. Margaret, with excerpts from "Monger" is an adaptation of Barak Marshall for Cisne Negro Dance Company in dance-theater format for 10 dancers that tells the story of a group of employees stuck in the basement an abusive mistress. In this work, the movement of Marshall is physical, sharp, fast, highly emotive, visual and theatrical contemporary ethnic arguments. On the soundtrack of the work, Barak combines elements of Gypsy music and Southeastern Europe, through the classical and rock music. The choreography explores the dynamics of power, hierarchy, free will and the compromises that are necessary to survive. The narrative structure of the piece is drawn from various sources, including the life and work of Bruno Shultz and Jean Genet "The Maids". Barak Mrashall. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Barak is the son of Margalit Oved, the acclaimed dancer, choreographer and musician. Since his accidental entrance into dance in 1995, Barak became one of the greatest innovators of Israeli dance. His first work, “Aunt Leah”, won the 1st Prize at the Suzanne Dellal Centre's Shades of Dance Competition. In 1998, his work “Emma Goldman `wedding”, was presented at the Bagnolet International Competition in Paris, where he was awarded with honors. His Company made an extensive tour of Europe including performances in Lyon's Bienale de la Danse, Paris ' Theatre de la Bastille and Berlin's Haus der Kulturen der Welt . In 1999 Barak was chosen by Ohad Nharin as the first resident choreographer of the Batsheva Dance Company, creating many jobs for both the Company as Junior to senior before breaking his leg in 2001 when he left the dance. In 2008 Suzanne Dellal Centre hired Barak for creating Monger - his first job after 7 years which received critical acclaim. In 2009 Barak was invited by Suzanne Dellal and the Israeli Opera to create Rooster, a piece for 12 dancers and a singer of opera Margalit Oved . Both papers were presented on tour by Israel, Europe, Asia and the United States, including performances in Montpellier Danse, Lyon 's Maison de la Danse, Dance Umbrella UK, the Sibiu Festival, Jacob 's Pillow, Switzerland 's STEPS Festival, Belgrade Dance Festival China and also in Spain, Romania, Italy, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and South Korea His last work, Wonderland, commissioned by Suzanne Dellal Centre, opened in December 2011. That same year, Barak was invited to mount several new works, including a new work for Ballet Jazz de Montreal and the BODYTRAFFIC Dance Company, based in Los Angeles. Barak is degree in Social Sciences and Philosophy at the renowned Harvard University.

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