•  Theatre 2014
  Theatre department, University of Moncton
By Sarah Ruhl
Director: Marcia Babineau
Script and adaptation: Herménégilde Chiasson
Costumes: Alain Tanguay
Set design: Alain Tanguay
Lights: Louise Lemieux
Sound: Louise Lemieux
Cast: Caroline Belisle, Brigitte Gallant, Stephanie David, Nicolas Dupuis, Samuel Rioux.
Original music: Michael Roth
Music played by Yusela C. Perez Gutierrez
”Melancholy Play: A Contemporary Farce” by Sarah Ruhl in a French translation by Herménégilde Chiassson tells the story of the melodramatic bank teller, Tilly, and her emotion-driven adventure with several other characters. In the introduction to the play, Sarah Ruhl references A. Jaruwat, M.D., who wrote about the amygdala,”the most important organ of emotion in the brain”. It is named after the Greek word for ”almond”, hence the almond's significance to emotion in the play. Emotions account for all of the story development in the play, as Tilly uses her melancholy and other emotions to influence the other characters. Love is also a prominent theme in the play, as it can lead to melancholy or happiness. The characters all seem to be searching for love and try to find it wherever and whenever they can to escape the mundanity of their lives. Love changes their emotions and can lead to happiness or strife.
Performance translated in French, with translation in English.