•  Theatre 2014
 South Korea
  Theatre Group Seongbukdong Beedoolkee
Directed by Hyuntak Kim

Medea - Miok Kim
Jason - Minyoup Kim
Creon - Jinsung Lee
Nanny - Mihyun Choi
Aegeus/Chorus - Keeyong Hong
Glauce/Chorus - Sol Heo
Chorus - Hyunjin Shin
Chorus - Jina Kim

Assistant Director - Dongwoo Hwang
Technical Director - Jiwon Suh
Stage Manager - Daehyun Ji
Production Manager - Jungweon Mok
Ultimately, the tragedy of Medea is caused by the monster that is the media, which we summon and relish in daily. Here, this media refers to every means to satisfy desires that feeds on violence and obscenity while hiding and ridiculing the truth and the good and forcing certain ideologies. It breaks down the wall between reality and fiction through recurrent images and sound, thereby providing a pretext for distorted judgment and choices. The performance follows Medea as she draws near to the murder and focuses on the roles that today’s media could have played. The piece then configures them into different channels and presents them to the audience like studio versions of TV program. Fleeting scenes, noises and sensational images cause empty laughter and interest, which numb the audience of the murder at hand. Like the chorus behind the veil of anonymity, the audience abets all, without guilt or remorse.
Performance not recommended to persons under 12.
The performance will be presented in Korean, with translation.

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