•  Theatre 2014
  Setagaya Public Theatre
Cast: Mansai Nomura, Natsuko Akiyama, Keita Kobayashi, Keitoku Takata & Keiji Fukushi
Adapted and Directed by Mansai Nomura
Design: Rumi Matsui
Lighting design: Jun Ogasawara
Costume design: Sachiko Ito
Sound design: Hiroyuki Ozaki
Production Manager: Junpei Fukuda
Producer: Chieko Hosaka
Based on Shakespeare's Macbeth, Mansai Nomura, who is a Kyogen player (traditional performing arts form in Japan) and Artistic Director of Setagaya Public Theatre in Tokyo, adapts and directs Macbeth. It is performed by only five actors; Macbeth (Mansai Nomura), Lady Macbeth (Natsuko Akiyama) and three witches (Keita Kobayashi, Keitotoku Takata and Keiji Fukushi). The three witches play the various roles other than the couple’s. In this production, Mansai focuses how the couple are manipulated by the words of the witches. In New York and Seoul, the production was enormously successful last year. The scenery is simple but has a strong impact, based on Noh theatre technique. The costumes are designed with beautiful Japanese clothes (kimono). The running hour is one hour and a half.
The performance will be presented in Japanese, with translation.
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2014.

      © Setagaya Public Theatre, photo by J. Ishikawa