•  Theatre 2014
  Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe
Directed by: Lev Dodin
Adaptation by: Lev Dodin
Set-design: Alexander Borovsky
Lighting design: Damir Ismagilov
Artistic collaboration: Valery Galendeev
Director-assistant Oleg Dmitriev
Music: Ludvig Van Beethowen
Additional texts used: Jean-Jaques Russo and Otto von Bismark
Stage-manager: Natalia Rudika
Translated from German: Nikolay Liubimov.
Cast: Igor Ivanov, Oleg Dmitriev, Danila Kozlovsky, Ksenia Rappoport, Igor Chernevich, Alexander Zavialov, Tatiana Shestakova, Ekaterina Tarasova, Danila Muhin, Stanislav Tkachenko, Artur Kozin, Leonid Luzenko, Stanislav Tkachenko, Vladimir Zahariev
In a world of high-power political intrigue love has little or no place. Yet Ferdinand and Louise – star-crossed lovers of vastly different social standing and personal beliefs – can not help dreaming about a better world which includes honour, dignity and happiness. Little do they know that their dreams are about to upend the most carefully laid out political plans of their elders and betters – of those who gave up dreaming long ago. Can a corrupt society be changed by love – or does love have to perish amid the intricate self-serving intrigue? It is easy to point fingers and place the blame; it is much more difficult to find a way to balance filial duties and your heart’s desire, political interests and personal attachments, practicability and decency. One of the greatest Schiller’s plays, ”Love and Intrigue” lives on nowadays and keeps asking us the eternal uncomfortable questions – those questions each of us has to answer for himself and live with the answer.
Performance not recommended to persons under 16.
Performance presented in Russian with translation into Romanian and English.

Production Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Performance created with the help of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation and the Charity Foundation “Dignity”.
Partner General of Maly Drama Theatre : Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation .
Principal Sponsor of Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe: KINEF.

      © Viktor Vassiliev